Older Women With Younger Men In Hollywood


Saw this post in the Huffington Post and felt compelled to react to it.

Original story is here

Older Women With Younger Men

So, the story starts off with Julienne Moore and Bart Freundlich, who I admit I had to look up.  This is only a nine year difference, so in my opinion, not really even worth reacting to.

However, when you have Pop Diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, that’s always going to get some action from me.  Keep in mind the up and coming Carey was just 23 when she wed her boss (Literally) Tommy Mottola.  Ironically, she started becoming a star when that happened.

That ended after five years, and the star was single for some time.

Then, along came Nick Cannon.  “Nick Cannon’s hilarious.”  (Chapelles shows comment.)  He truly is.

This one didn’t work out so well, as the couple recently divorced.  Carey was 11 years Senior to the younger Cannon.

The story also chronicles names the likes of Hugh Jackman and gives an honorable mention to Cher, but in my own words, these are all B and C list celebrities and I’m not going to waste time on them.

The one common denominator they all had was a younger man on their side.  Did all the of relationships work out?  No.

But keep in mind, 50% of marriages fail anyways.

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