How to Land an Older Woman for Dating


Why do men these days prefer dating older women? Youth these days have that picture in their mind that older women are far more mature and loving than the younger, inexperienced ones. A lot of reasons can be made accountable for that. But since old women have tons of experience when it comes to dating, sometimes getting them interested in you is a far complicated job than hitting on younger women. Hooking up is one thing, but today let’s check out the things one should keep in mind to score a successful date with an older woman. 

  • For those who don’t put their own photo as the profile picture on different social networks, It is absolutely important that You should start putting your own picture just to give an idea how you look like. One always likes to see who they are going out with.
  • Communication is the key to know about each other. Things would soon start shaping up if the conversation can be initiated in a humorous way, because sense of humor is a major turn on for mature women. Don’t make her feel like you are questioning her too much.
  • Dating an older woman means she would have a lot more experience in dating than you. This means she knows what she’s into and what she’s not into. You can act as a proper gentleman because somehow with older women, being a gentleman always works and leaves an impression.
  • Mostly old women don’t exchange their digits. They will just take your digits and will contact you if they will be attracted towards you. So if she calls you it means she is into you.
  • It always depends on the purpose of dating someone. Sometimes it can be just for casual sex or sometimes it can be for fun Always go straight with these purposes in mind to save time. Since older women can be tricky, it’s better not to have high expectations, so being clear and straight with them usually always results in success.
  • Texting does come handy in a lot of things, but not for introducing yourself and making plans with an older woman. If you want to arrange a date or a meeting you should do it on call rather than on text. But it depends if she’s okay with you to call her or not if she has already lent you her number, then it’s pretty safe to give her a call rather than texting.
  • As there are a couple of things one should never ask a woman, age is one of them. So let it be and just compliment on her looks rather than telling her that she looks way younger than her age.
  • Sometimes you seek honesty and straight forwardness in a relationship. Keep that in mind that she’s being a player in this field. She has been there and done that. She would have a lot more experience than you so sense it if they lie about their marital status or try being someone they are not. So no one likes to be with someone who holds back her stuff or is a con artist.
  • Mostly women like to make the men meet at a place they like or decide so let it be and make her feel like you are making an effort to meet her.
  • It’s a good thing to talk about your children with her because children can always be a topic to know each other.

In a nutshell, all mature women can prove to be a good companion and it’s not that difficult to make them happy, all they want is Love and to have a good time.

And if those tips don’t excite you, check out this video, as it certainly will.