A Noobs Guide to Dating Older Women


Most young men who want to date an older woman are daunted by the prospect because it seems too complicated. Not to mention how difficult it is to find an older women by herself in a restaurant. If anything, she is always going to be surrounded by other women as they travel in numbers and that can make the task even more difficult.

Dating Older Women – A Guide for Beginners

Older women are sometimes harder to impress as they have experienced life more and possibly been with all sorts of men. It requires a bit of practice to be able to approach them the right way as well as to gain their trust. Many if not most older women might initially be a little distrustful because society has made them so.

Take baby steps and start by registering on a dating site which caters especially to younger males looking to land a date with older females. Here you will gain some much-needed confidence and will be able to interact with all sorts of older women. This will also give you an idea of what sort of woman you like and which kind you should steer clear from.

These websites tend to be free at time or have a nominal membership charge. They give you the option of chatting in forums or individually contacting women that catch your interest. If you do not prefer online dating then frequenting certain bars or even libraries can give you a good chance to have a conversation with the kind of women you like.

Come with Confidence

You need to look the part which means you need to be dressed impeccably and need to exude an aura of mystery and intelligence. Older women are not likely to be impressed by a dork look or a vacant expression. Brush up your conversation skills by practicing with friends and also buy clothes which compliment your figure rather than working against it.

Reading books and watching the news will also provide you with good fillers in conversations and will make you come off as knowledgeable and worldly which can be endlessly attractive. Apart from appearing confident, you must never appear aloof. Show genuine interest in the woman’s life and indulge her fantasies. She might be looking for a break from her mundane life or simply a good listener and it is very easy to be both. So ask out an older woman that has caught your eye and let the games begin.

On another note, I’m giving an official “tip of the cap” to Claudia for starting Cougar life!