How to Delete Cougar Life Account

First off, we have heard many complaints that it’s impossible to delete an account at this website.  We literally looked on their site and see that this is what they tell everyone to do, but apparently most people can’t figure it out, so here we are dealing with all the madness of a company that gets awful reviews.

Deleting Your CougarLife Profile

Then again, you may have met that special someone and fulfilled all of your fantasies.  If that is the case, it’s entirely understandable.

Here are the steps you can follow to delete your accounts.

1)  Login into your account.

2)  Click on “Account Settings.”

3)  Select the “Account” tab.

4)  There is an option right there that allows you to delete the account.

Note:  According to the official website, members are responsible to do this on their own.  No messages to support or customer service will be honored.

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  1. Did you follow those instructions? I haven’t deleted my account – I have no need to, but that’s how the process worked in the past. I’ll have to contact someone and get updated instructions in case they changed. Sorry in advance, I’ll come back and update this when I get definite answers.

  2. Profile Removal

    You may also select the “Profile Removal” option, which is offered separately of profile hiding. This feature will remove your Profile from our Site. Removal of your Profile from our Site will not remove the messages you have sent and received (regular, collect, priority), Flirts, Gifts and Site usage history.

    That’s on the site’s terms. And since none of these options have worked, I have changed everything on my profile to udder nonsense. I guess that will have to work.

  3. I have the same problem, no delete account option in my account settings tab. Please advise on how I might delete my account. Thank you.

  4. I created a profile on cause I thought it was a free service to use but I seen comments saying its a scam and I don’t want to continue using the website if I have to pay for it and I tried to delete my account by using my tablet but I didn’t see the account settings between profile and questions. And I really want my account deleted so can you please give me a link to permanently delete my account or could you delete it for me please?

  5. Hi I am trying to delete my profile . I have followed the instructions but there is no tab to deactivate. Could u please contact me on how to do this. Thank u .

  6. I cannot delete my cougarlife profile! There is no “delete” button under “account” as per instructions. My profile is 100%c completed and my email has been verified. I know that you state not to contact admin about deleting accounts BUT I’ve tried everything and am getting no satisfaction……PLEASE HELP ME!

  7. I want to cancel my account but following the instructions above doesn’t work .. i went to account setting and there is no account tab.

    Please remove me from this site!

  8. I am trying to delete my profile but the site is not giving the option to perform this procedure can you please help me.

  9. Hi I found someone on this site and I am trying to delete my profile but the site is not giving me the option to perform this procedure can someone please give me some assistance.

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