How to Hook Up With Cougars

Cougars are the new thing in dating nowadays, although landing a worthwhile woman is definitely an art with its own pros and cons. I was intrigued about dating older women after seeing this commercial.  

Learning how to land a cougar is tricky but possible with the right techniques. The dynamics in the dating world have changed and now increasing numbers of young want to be picked up by a woman who might resemble their mother in terms of age.

Date a Cougar

The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of cougar you are after starting with her age. After this you can move on to defining type and appearance and even nationality. Certain people like Asians or Latinas, for example, and being on the same page as your fetish is important for maximum satisfaction. After you have identified your type you now need to be assured that there are plenty of women out there who want to be with you.  It has to be a mutual attraction when you date cougars, like any other type of dating.

If you are devoid of self –confidence you will not get far. Cougars are not only attracted to a powerful sense of self they go crazy over it. Also make sure you build up your knowledge base about current affairs, politics and books as an ignorant young man is not attractive to anyone. If you have a lot to talk about, you will be successful in landing a cougar as they crave a smooth talker and a bit of mystery which is denied to them in their everyday mundane lives.

Online dating is the new ‘in’ into the world of cougar dating. You can make an account of any cougar dating site and there are hundreds of them and start contacting women that interest you from there. The method is pretty fool-proof as there are always countless women including in your own area which are hungry for sex and quality companionship for the weekends. You can personalize your profile any way you wish which means you can literally Photoshop yourself online and get yourself plenty of dates.

If you are not keen on online dating there are always places such as specific bars and dance clubs which are known for their cougar population. Frequenting these places boosts your chances of picking someone up especially if you follow the above pointers and make special efforts regarding your appearance and overall sex appeal. There is however considerable competition in these places which is why you need to bring your A game and no less than that.

Many people do prefer the online sex sites method to meeting or searching for cougars in person. The numbers for one are going to be limited in any one place and they usually travel in packs which makes them slightly difficult to approach especially for a beginner. Online dating in which you get a chance to chat with the women first not only does wonders for your self-esteem, it also helps you build up valuable experience. Websites also have a clear display of basic information and background which means you can get right to sex upon meeting without too much small talk.

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