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Nowadays there is a rising trend towards younger men preferring more mature women who are well versed on the ways of sex and romance. Many young men actually even have a fetish which means they can only be sexually satisfied by women who are their mothers’ age. This is where dating sites such as come in.

I’m J.T., a 29 year old single male who likes the chase of dating and sites like this are right up my alley.  Today, I’m going to spill the beans on my amazing experience with this site that I joined after reading quite a few Cougar life reviews.

Cougar life full site

Cougar Life Review

For The Younger Male looking to score with more mature women.

If you have long considered your particular fantasy unsatisfied then this is the perfect site for you. It may be a little hit and miss scenario in the beginning because of the layout of the site but eventually you will strike gold. The major complaint that users have had with the site is that it is quite confusing especially when you first sign up for it. Although you do enter vital and basic bio information for yourself, specific searches are nearly useless and it is hard to find the certain kind of cougar you are looking for.

The advanced search feature has improved this situation but not as much as one might expect. The most you can achieve is to find a cougar roughly by location or age but that is about it. The one saving grace of the otherwise pathetic user interface is that you get a running list of new members just as they register with the site and that gives you a good chance to peruse new entries.

Benefits of Joining

The membership cost is a major benefit as it is really low. It is a mere $40 a month and if you retain it, the costs do decline further in following months. This is good if you aren’t using the site a lot and don’t want to spend a lot of money and register with a premium cougar dating site. While there was some speculation that Cougar life is a spam site which exists simply to rob your credit card figures, this has now been squashed as the merit of the site was proved with time.

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Tips For Success

Being very clear about what you are looking for is essential if you want to get laid fast. Outline briefly what sort of cougar you are interested in such as a married or divorced one or one that is totally single. I’m not a scumbag, and don’t seek out married women, just to be clear.  I do like older women but HATE DRAMA, so I like divorced and single women exclusively.

The information you provide about your preferences and desires on your profile will greatly determine the response you get. With this degree of transparency, you will also be more successful in attracting the right type of women who are looking for the same things that you are.

My Experiences and Full Hook Up Report

Visually speaking this may not be the most pleasing website that can be used but it does the job fairly well. No one has reported skyrocketing success and it is obvious that the search feature needs improvement for this amount of money it is a good deal. The website is still hard at work building up its membership figures so that the issue of finding suitable women in certain areas can be improved. Furthermore, they are also attempting to control their virus and spambot rates which have made user experiences rather difficult of late.

NOW, about my experiences.

cougar life scam

I’ve been browsing this site since June of 2014 – and after reading a few cougar life reviews online, I had to join and see what it was all about.  It’s been nothing short of a home run.  Let me explain.

I connected with Lisa, a SMOKING HOT mother of two grown up kids, within weeks.  We went on one date, and that’s all it took to get what we both wanted.  I’m sure you can figure out what that is.

A few weeks later, when she went Summering to New York, I met Julie, a widowed Southern Belle type who was “just looking for someone to discreetly please her.”  I played that role perfectly.

She was a teacher, and when Summer ended, so did our fling.  I’m back at it and have met four other women, all super hot by my accounts, since then.  I did find the response rate slowed down around the Holidays, but that’s expected with any online dating website – cougars or non cougars.

It’s 2015 and I’m still getting great results with this site.

If you are a young male who has a thing for older women, you must join CougarLife.  Save the time and money you’d spend in bars, and you can come back and thank me later.

I hook up with hot older women simply by messaging them through This SITE.

Some people have had the gall to ask me… I’ll address it right here today for all to see.

Is Cougar Life a Scam?

I laughed out loud when someone told me that.

They company is very well funded, and truth be told, my experiences speak for themselves.  Anyone who thinks there is some Cougarlife scam going on should have their head checked or better yet – their dating profile checked.  With so many women on this site, you just need a great profile, be active on the site, and having a few good pick up lines will of course always help.  Remember, you won’t find your match on any dating website if you aren’t active – so don’t just sit there, send some messages. It’s like fishing.  You can’t catch fish if you don’t throw your rod in the water!

I’d love to post actual photos of women I’ve met on this site, but I’m a respectful person and people’s privacy is important to me.  So for that reason I’ve decided that it’s just not a good idea.

Here is the Cougar Life Commercial that got me amped up about this site. I’m certainly not upset about seeing this and taking action!

There’s so many positive cougar reviews online from men, and women, raving about this site. They aren’t full of you know what, they are trying to tell you something – YOU ARE MISSING OUT if you aren’t on this site. But hey, if you don’t want to join cougarlife, more for me. I’m just a guy trying to spread the word and thank cougars life for providing me an insane quality of life.

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