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Hey, thanks for checking out my site about dating cougars.

I’m J.T., and for the protection of not exposing myself and being labeled a man whore by some of the women I’m hooking up with from Cougar Life and other sites, I’m not going to post a photo.  I think once you get started with dating older women you’ll understand this.  Discretion is a big thing, especially with mature women.  Who wants all their life told online and photos of themselves out there for others to grab and blog about and put on social media?

About Dating Cougars

Not me!

So, anyways, I’ve always been mediocre with women.  I played a lot of sports, but was never the ultimate “jock” athlete.  I starred in baseball, but never did anything career wise with it. And who really watches baseball these days anyways?

In reside in Austin, Texas, which is a college town predominantly.

That’s why I do so well with mature women.  Every man in Austin wants to hook up with a student at the University, leaving the older women really struggling for a pool of men to hook up with.

That’s where I come in!

Sure, this strategy works anywhere. Let’s face it, most guys want younger women.  But that battle is an uphill one unless you have deep pockets, great looks, and can pass for a younger guy.  Many women are scared of that stigma of dating a much older man, so they shy from these relationships.

On the contrary, older women will be HAPPY to hook up with you, spoil you, and take care of your every need.

So, for that statement alone, I decided to stop hunting in bars and lounges and started using Cougar life.  This site shares my review and experiences of this website.  I hope they help someone out there who may have a question about the website or service it offers.  If you ever have any questions for me, please hit me up.

Happy Hunting,


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  1. Hey J.T.,
    I’ve been on Cougar life for about 1 month now and I signed up for the $40/month premium membership and I tried sending so many messages. I actually met up with a cougar but I lied to her that I was married and I told her the next day that I was and she hasn’t talked to me since. Have you noticed that most of the women on Cougar Life who are single or divorced are looking for a relationship that’s lasting and not friends with benefits or no strings attached relationship. Should I stick it out and pay for another month? Because it seems like I’m having no luck. Would cougar women like to get with a married man? Do any of them just want to have a secret sexual relationship and that’s all or do they actually want to have something lasting?

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